10G broadband is latest innovation for Chillicothe

Angie Talken
Chillicothe News

City, county, and state leaders were joined by staff from Green Hills Communications in Chillcitohe Slice Bread Innovation Center to announce that  Chillicothe now has 10G Broadband Internet service. 

"10 gig is a very big deal. It's a rare network availability in rural and even urban areas" David Adams, general manager of Green Hills Communications said.

Green Hills Communications invested $5 million to set up the fiber optics system in Chillicothe to provide the services, which will allow residential broadband speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

The availability of this service makes Chillicothe one of the first communities in Missouri and one of the few in the nation to offer 10G to its residents.

Chillicothe is known for its innovations, Livingston County Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas said noting that Chillicothe is the Home of Sliced Bread, so having this service available here before many other urban areas follow suit with the desire for officials to help ensure the community is at the forefront of opportunities. 

"This is just as important to us as the railroad, as the highway as the river, the airport. This is what allows us to expand well beyond the city limits," Darin Chappell,  city manager said noting that bringing this type of enhanced infrastructure and opportunity to Chillicothe has been a priority of his. 

Governor Mike Parson was in Chillicothe for the celebration. He said that workforce development and rural access to broadband are the top two priorities of his. 

"If we do not have these two things businesses won't come to our state or our towns," Parson said. "We have to build the workforce of tomorrow through things just like this."

Parson noted how COVID shutdowns made it clear how important a strong, reliable infrastructure, including broadband access, is. 

"The pandemic really exposed us and how we were, especially where it comes to telehealth and telemedicine," Parson said. "We just took for granted we could go get those services all the time. Then all of the sudden you get shut down and you have to rely on broadband."

The 10G access now makes Chillicothe a competitor with larger cities across the state and country. 

"We can now be competitive anyplace on the planet and if there's a reason for somebody looking for a reason to relocate, Chillicothe is a fantastic option," Chappell said.

Adams noted that this development will only allow Green Hills to contiue to strengthen its community ties and will ensure Chillicothe, and the surrounding community, will remain competitive. 

Green Hills Communications staff, Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas and Gov. Mike Parson point to the timeline of innovations at the Sliced Bread Innovation Center. The introduction of 10G to Chillicothe is the latest innovation for the city.