Dupy seeks seat at First Ward Councilperson

Angie Talken
Chillicothe News

Former city councilmen and mayor, Reed Dupy is running for the seat of First Ward City Councilperson. 

Dupy was elected as the First Ward Councilperson in 2011, 2013 and 2015, he says he enjoys "working for the betterment of the city and service to the citizens of Chillicothe."

He is seeking reelection now because current Councilmen Denny Albertson is not seeking reelection and he wants to be a part of working with city leaders in continuing the progress the city is making.

"I enjoy the legislative side of city government," he said. "The position has opened- up again with the incumbent councilperson not seeking reelection.

"Chillicothe is on an aggressive path to progress with the current council and city administrator. I would like to help advance the city into the growth possibilities before us."

Dupy noted that he feels the city, like many across the state, needs to address issues concerning streets within the city and continued growth for the city, its industries and higher educational offerings.

"Probably like most municipalities, the street situation is a concern. The administration has been working on a masterplan for approximately four years, when I was previously in office," he said. "The city engineering firm has proposed an aggressive plan with a dramatic low-interest component for the coming years.

"Another problem the city faces is the shortage of an available workforce in the north Missouri area, making this a detriment to our city. We must find a way to add to our workforce through recruitment and higher-level educational possibilities."

Addressing those concerns and working to complete other ongoing projects is a top priority for Dupy, a Chillicothe High School graduate and former business owner.

"I intend to follow and help institute the street upgrade construction, and because it is located in the First Ward, the new Simpson Park playground project. I will work to be of assistance to the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, Chillicothe Development Corporation and other organizations involved in the betterment of the city. I’m also committed to continue and to expand the cleanup and demolition of substandard homes and buildings with the use of city funding and Community Block Development Grant funding."

He is also focused on keeping Chillicothe at the forefront of changing technology, especially when concerned with the use of alternative fuels and means of transportation and state-level funding.

"With the advent of the motor vehicle industry movement toward electric and alternative fuel means of transportation, I believe we must move as a city to accommodate this progression. We need to build charging stations convenient to the public. There also needs to be funding avenues for road construction and maintenance to replace motor fuel taxes when these taxes disappear," he said. "Since the city receives a portion of the state motor fuel tax for its street program, it is advantageous to pursue and promote legislation at the state level to make this happen."

Another priority and goal is expanding Chillicothe's opportunities for higher education.

"I feel the city is on a tremendous path of growth with many opportunities for real estate development, industrial facility expansion, and new additional education advances," he said. "I am going to pursue to expand the educational opportunities with the addition of a satellite campus of Northwest Missouri State University."

City employees and the electrical, water and refuse infrastructure are assets to the city, Dupy noted. 

"As I have said many times, I believe that Chillicothe Municipal Utilities is Chillicothe’s biggest and best asset," he said. "With the facilities and resources at hand, CMU provides the citizenry and commercial sector with state-of-the-art service and exceptional rates for electricity, water, wastewater, and refuse services."

A Chillicothe native, and long-time business owner Dupy is passionate about civic involvement.

He is a ​​​​​​​member of Chillicothe United Methodist Church, the Chamber of Commerce.  Elks Lodge #656 and currently serves as a board member of the Grand River Multipurpose Center and delivers Meals On Wheels. He is a past member of the board and several committees of Main Street Chillicothe; was a member of the Chillicothe City Council from 2011-2018 and served as mayor in 2019. Dupy is also a Certified Municipal Official through the Municipal Governance Institute and served on the Resolutions Committee and the Policy Committee of the Missouri Municipal League.

As a member of the Kansas City Barbeque Society for which he serves as a master certified barbeque judge, he enjoys traveling to a six-state area year to judge contests. 

Dupy and his wife Terry have been married since 2017.