Dupy elected, fire district tax passed

Angie Talken
Chillicothe News

During the April 6 Municipal Election, 12.56% of registered Livingston County voters went to the polls. Chillicothe voters elected Reed Dupy as First ward COuncilerpson and the .30 real-estate tax to establish a funding source for the fire district passed. 

In the City of Chillicothe, the only contested race was for Ward 1 City Councilperson. Reed Dupy won the election with 189 votes to Michale Smith's 129 votes.

Dupy said he will serve the city in the same positive manner he has previously done. 

"I would like to thank the citizens of the Chillicothe first ward for their support in my election bid.  I will be responsive and approachable as I was during my previous council tenure," Dupy said. "I would also like to thank those individuals and businesses that assisted me in the campaign.  Lastly, I am most grateful for my beautiful wife Terri for her help and tolerance during this race."

The following office holders will serve another term in the following uncontested races: Mayor Theresa (Gatson) Kelly; City Clerk Rozanne "Roze" Frampton; City Auditor Hannah Fletcher; City Constable Jon Maples; Councilman at Large Thomas Ashbrook Ward 2 Councilperson Wayne D. Cunningham;  Third Ward Cpunciplerson Joshua L. Fosdick; Fourth Ward Councilperson Pam Jarding.

About 1 p.m. at United Methodist Church, site of Chiillicothe Ward 1 voting (only contested city race) in foreground and Chillicothe and another rural township in background.
Scene shows one voter checking in at right and another in left foreground arriving.
Turnout was light, as expected, with both Ward 1 and the rural townships having between only 130-150 votes cast at that time.

Proposition for Chillicothe Fire Protection District passed 225-211. This will impose a .30 property and real estate tax on voters living within the district and will eliminate the $150 annual fee members previously paid. 

The passage was vital not just for funding purposes, District Board President Ed Daughtery said. The passage of the levy will fund the district, which will take it from an association to a district and will also allow board members to apply for grants for additional funding sources. 

Geremy Bru was elected for a two-year term as the South Ward Alderman for the City of Chula.

Question for the City of Chula passed with six yes votes and one no vote. 

Reorganized School District of Grundy County R-IX - Shaun McCullough won with one vote.

Wheeling: Kenny Mitchell was selected as the East Ward Councilperson; Gary Wayman was elected as the West Ward Councilperson. Both races were uncontested. 

Question for the City of Wheeling also passed with 21 yes votes and four no votes. 

Timothy Hein, Cynthia Farris and Alan Miles were all three elected as board members in Ludlow. One vote allowed the Question for the City of Ludlow to pass.

Thirteen write-in votes were cast for a member to the Board of Trustees in Utica. the ballot Question for Utica passed 4-1.

Question for the Mooresville passed with 13 yes votes and two no votes. 

Tom Burtch was elected as the Director of the Linn-Livingston Public Water Supply District #3 - Sub District #2.  John Kehr was elected as the Director of the Linn-Livingston Public Water Supply District #3 - Sub District #5. 

Paula McCoy defeated Brian Bowman 457 to 213 for a seat as a trustee on the Chillicothe Township Board. Brandy Wedlock received 570 votes in an uncotested race for Clerk for Chillicothe Township.  

In the tace for two seats as a board member for the Chillicothe Township Pat McCoy received 451 votes; Jim Gates 265; David Brown 217; and Chad Fisher received 156 votes. 

Rick "Sarge" Walls received 72 votes winning the race for a seat as Rich Hill Township Trustee, beating David Beck who received 29 votes. Jason Brobst and David Horton were elected as members of the Rich Bill Township Board with 62 and 46 votes respectively. in that race, Jordan Ralls received 44 votes and Joseph Summers received 25. Suzi Beck will be the clerk for Rich Hill Township. 

Dwaine Davenport ran an uncontested race for Fairview Township trustee. Ronnie Bowes and Bill Potts were elected as members of the board for Fairview Township. Angela Shoultz will be the clerk for Fairview Township. 

The General Road District Question for Fairview Township passed with 24 yes votes and 18 no. 

Jamie Reeter ran an uncontested race for Jackson Township trustee. Bert Wire and Douglas Doughty were elected members of the board for Jackson Township. 

Jeffrey D. Webb ran an uncontested race for Monroe Township trustee. Dewayne Anderson and Richard Plaster were elected as members of the board and Laura S Gardner was elected as the clerk for Monroe Township in an uncontested race. The General Road District Question passed with eight yes votes and four no votes. 

Saraha BeVelle ran an uncontested race for Mooresville Township Trustee. Don K. James and George F. Roberts IV were elected as members of the board and in an uncontested race, Katelyn Roberts received 31 votes for clerk. The General Road District Question for Mooresville Township passed narrowly with 18 yes votes and 17 no votes. 

Lesa J. Alberston ran an uncontested race for Wheeling Township Trustee. Travis Narr and Donald Warren were elected as members of the board and Rhonda Figg will be the clerk for Wheeling Township. The General Road District Question passed with 23 yes votes and 13 no votes. 

Grand River Township - James Figg won an uncontested race for a seat as a trustee Darin Crackenberger and Wendy Moss were elected as board members and Diane Kerns will serve as clerk. The General Road District Question passed with 11 yes votes and three no.