CPD, LCSO to be in one location starting May 10

Chillicothe News

A Joint Law Enforcement Center for the Chillicothe Police Department (CPD) and Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) will open May 10. 

Police Chief Jon Maples and Sheriff Steve Cox brought the idea to the city council and county commission, and with the approval of both, the agencies will be located in one place starting May 10. 

Both agencies will be located in the CPD will not move; however, the LCSO will now be located at 919 Jackson St.,  the southern portion of the building the CPD is housed in. Entry to both agencies will be through the north side of the building where the public currently accesses the CPD.

"This will allow both agencies to work more closely together, save money, with the biggest benefit being a much better exchange of information and assistance on many issues," Maples and Cox said in a joint statement. 

According to the statement, almost daily both agencies see people come in that actually need to see someone from the other law enforcement office.

"This will also help make it a “one-stop cop shop” for our citizens and simplify the process they deal with. Our goal date for moving is May 10," the statement said, "We are working on getting computer, phone and other electrical lines ran so that we can minimize any down time. This will take us a few days to get organized and back to full service in the administrative office of the LCSO."

Other issues Chief Maples and Sheriff Cox are working on is having joint investigations of very serious crimes such as a specialized group of officers trained as a Sexual Assault Investigations Team. "When a serious offense occurs we can focus having specialized officers and deputies assigned to those investigations. This too can save both organizations money and time while providing an overall better service to our citizens."

Currently, the Missouri Driver’s License Exam office and Rumery and Associates are in the south side of the CPD building but they will be moving into the administrative portion of the current LCSO at 901 Webster St. Livingston County will keep the current sheriff’s office building as the former jail area is used to store a large amount of the county office records and that area of the building will remain secure and only accessible to county employees.

"The Sheriff’s Office building was completed in 1978 and originally planned to be the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, jail and house the Chillicothe Police Department in addition to having a full basement and ability for a second story. The building has only housed the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and Jail but the jail closed in December 2012 and detainees have since been housed at Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail, which process has actually saved Livingston County tax dollars as compared to staffing and operating a jail," Cox and Maples said in the statement.