From the Mayor's desk

By Theresa Kelly

Hello Chillicothe!

The past two years serving as the Mayor of Chillicothe has been nothing short of phenomenal! Since taking office in April 2019, my goal has been to make myself visible to the public and to reach out to everyone in the City to learn about and address your concerns and/or dreams for our Community. Two years later, my goal has not waivered. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has slowed the process, but it certainly has not ended the journey. Together we are inching our way back to normalcy. Though it is my belief that Covid-19 will be around for years to come, as more and more is learned about the virus, we are finding our way back. Together, we are getting through this obstacle course, and in my opinion, the Community of Chillicothe is Stronger for it!


As some of you may have noticed, there are major improvements going on in the playground area of Simpson Park. New, updated equipment is being installed with all-weather rubber surfacing material that will allow play year-round. The city has partnered with “Friends of the Parks” to meet a need for this community that has been absent for quite some time. Not only will the new playground be ADA accessible, but it is designed as an inclusive playground - a playground that provides the just-right level of challenge addresses all levels of ability, and goes beyond minimum accessibility to create play experiences that meet a variety of needs and interests. Children of all abilities can interact with each other and do what all kids want to do – PLAY!! A ribbon-cutting for this improved facility will be announced soon!

In the 2021-22 City Budget, Council has approved a major $4.5 million dollar expenditure from the Transportation Tax Fund for Street Improvements. This notable project will include chip and seal, asphalt overlay, concrete streets and curb and guttering in various areas throughout the city. For the first time in a very long time, the city will experience significant street improvements in every ward of the city. Our dedicated street department workers will carry on with their usual duties as well as perform additional tasks using the newly purchased lay down machine. This gives them the ability to overlay some smaller projects as well as all city parking lots. Much needed street improvements are on the way!

With the passage of the Police Department's one-quarter cent sales tax in June 2020, the department is now able to purchase much-needed safety equipment which includes Tasers, running board lights for vehicles, an additional radio, bulletproof vests, a Server upgrade to replace the outdated system and much more. This additional revenue will allow our police department to keep up with modern policing practices, as well as recruiting, training and retaining officers. This ensures Chillicothe the ability to remain proactive in our dedication to public safety. Thank You, Chillicothe, for your support of this tax!

Our fire department continues with its mission to protect and enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Chillicothe and Livingston County. This is done by using comprehensive programs of service which are directed toward public education, prevention and control of fire, rescue, hazardous material mitigation, and the answering of calls regarding emergency medical situations. They are committed to serving our community with professionalism, excellence, and devotion to duty. We are indeed fortunate to have the quality of trained professionals within our city organization!

Our Chillicothe Municipal Airport has experienced a milestone as well this past year. The reconstruction of the paved runway at the Airport with concrete was officially completed on Friday, August 14, 2020. This $4 million project , which was completed under the management of the late Bill Kieffer, long-time Airport Manager, was long overdue. This upgrade now meets not only our current community and local businesses’ needs, but it will be an “enhancement” in the city’s economic development efforts for years to come. In addition, Toby Calivere, Assistant to Bill Kieffer, has been promoted as Airport Manager to carry on the dedication, professionalism, and expertise that Bill exemplified throughout the years.

There is so much happening in the city organization as well as throughout the Community. Below is a Community Calendar informing you of the upcoming events for May, 2021: MAY IS HISTORIC PRESERVATION MONTH! May 6,  National Day of Prayer;  May 7-8,  City Wide Garage Sale Weekend; May 9,  Mother’s Day;  May 14, Wine Walk & Concert (Main Street Event); May 16, CHS Graduation; May 20, Seniors on Tour (Main Street Event); May 21,  Last Day of School (Liv R-II); May 22,  Serve Chillicothe Day;  May 31, Memorial Day (Opening of ChilliBay Water Park); 

Spring Has Arrived ! Get out and enjoy the many happenings including graduation, Mudcat Baseball, shopping, etc. Experience this great city in which we live!

Until next month, be safe, happy and healthy!

Theresa Kelly, Mayor