Ludlow News for May 5

By Marj Locker

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. On April 27 the Braymer Lions Club bowling team traveled to Chillicothe to face the Ludlow Lions bowling team in a challenge event.

After three games filled with whoops and hollers, the results were announced. The winner of the Lions Bowl Challenge 2021 was….the Ludlow Lions! Joe Gilliland had the overall high score with a 278! For Braymer Sandy Wiedmier had the high game with a 151.

Lurinda Gilliland of the Ludlow squad and Sandy Wiedmier won the poker pots. Other members of the Ludlow team are John and Marj Locker. Other bowling for Braymer were Mary Lue Tuck, Sandi Davies and Jennifer Webster. Head cheerleader for Ludlow was Ralph Ratliff.

We hope to do this activity again!

CLAA TRACK RESULTS. It was a cold, blustery day for the CLAA track meet, so no new records were established with the exception of the javelin, which is a new event.

For Southwest varsity girls Kendall Provolt captured three silvers. She was second in the 100, 200 and high jump. Annabelle Sackery was 5th in the long jump and 6th in the 100.

The varsity boy’s Patrick Warren was the conference champion in both the high jump and long jump. So far this season Patrick’s highest jump has been six feet, which is taller than he is! Patrick was also second in the 200 and 4th in 100.

Chase Neptune captured all thirds in the 100, 400 and the triple jump. Morgan Anderson was 4th in the 200 and 5th in the shot put. Matthew Kelchen was 3rd in the javelin and 8th in the 300 hurdles. Hunter Woodcock got 2nd in the discus, 4th in shot put and 6th in the javelin.

The Ludlow Lions bowling team captured the Lions Bowl Challenge trophy after defeating the Braymer Lions team on April 27 at Chillicothe's Fast Lane Bowl.  Pictured is Joe and Lurinda Gilliland and Marj and John Locker.

Remington Woodcock claimed 5th in the discus. Team standings were girls 7th and the boys were second.

JUNIOR HIGH RESULTS. For the girls the lone medal winner was Regan Donoho who was second in the shot put. Mylee Waters was 4th in the 100 hurdles, Kylie Kirtland was 5th in the High jump while Lyla Oesch was sixth in that event. The girls put together two relay teams and claimed 4th in the 4 by 200 and 6th in the 4 by 100.

Kolt Neptune led the junior high boys with a championship performance in the high jump. He was also 2nd in the 100 hurdles, 3rd in the long jump and 5th in the 100 dash. Grant Warren was 2nd in the 200, 3rd in the 100 and 4th in the shot put. Ace Diegelman was 6th in the discus and 8th in the shot put.

The boys finished 5th in team standing, while the girls were 7th. There are nine CLAA schools with track teams in both varsity and junior high. Winners of the golden shoe were Brunswick’s Addisynn Riley and Hale’s Jaedan Sears.

BENEFIT FOR PHIL. Our neighbors at Braymer will be hosting a benefit for Phil Clevenger who was hospitalized with Covid-19 in January and is still fighting the disease in the hospital today. Phil was recently able to get off the ventilator and hopes to remove the tracheotomy soon.

The benefit is Saturday, May 22 at Braymer High School and will begin at 4 p.m., with a silent auction, a dinner at 5 p.m., and live auction at 7 p.m.