CHS Class of 2021 Senior Awards

Chillicothe News

Chillicothe High School's Senior Awards for the Class of 2021 were presented on May 7. 

Below is a list of award and scholarship winners. 

Darin Bryan Memorial Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarship for $250: Ethan Gabrielson and Trey Tipton. 

Amy Hawkins Fine Arts Scholarship for $1,000: Aundraya Shady. 

Ray-Carroll Co. Grain Growers Scholarship for $1,000: Lucy Gaston. 

Shawn M. Trager Memorial Scholarship for $1,000: Trey Tipton.

Jerry Litton Leadership Scholarship: Seth Hansen, $5,000; and Carter Allen, $3,000.

Lloyd Hibner Memorial Scholarship: Ella Leamer and Mason Baxter for $1,000; Daniel Hoel, Hallie Jones, Julia Stimpson, Hayden Simmer, Trace Rardon for $400. 

Virginia Wall Scholarship: Seth Hansen, $10,000 and Carter Allen, $7,500. 

Kenneth and Eugenia Churchill Foundation Scholarship: CHS – Mason Baxter and Trey Tipton, $4,000/renewable and GRTS –Brandon Kiser $4,000/renewable.

Warren G. Culling Foundation Scholarship for $1,500/renewable: Kalee Collis, Colby Gillespie, Daniel Hoel, Max Kleinschmidt and Spencer Shira.

North Central Missouri College ScholarshipsJeanette Hoffman Robison Scholarship, Kristy Ashbrook for $500/semester.  Jack & Annie Derry Scholarship: Mollie Ellis for $350/semester. Allen Moore III & Annie B. Moore Scholarship: Allison Haley for $500/semester. Willis W. Alexander Scholarship: Cheyenne Mace for $500/semester. Robert E. & Susan Hoffman Barnes Scholarship: Carly McMahan for $350/semester. Evans-Schafer Scholarship Emily Pfeifer for $350/semester. NCMC Knowledge Scholarship: Keagan Valbracht for $500/semester. Alice Mae Hoffman Scholarship Mayanna Weed for $500/semester. Evans-Schafer Scholarship: Tayler Williams for $350/semester.

Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship for $500: Hannah Dominique, Ethan Gabrielson. 

Earl Collins Foundation Scholarship for $1,000: Carter Allen.

Dave “Coach” Kinen Scholarship for $1,000, renewable for one year: Mollie Ellis,  Cesar Mares, Delaney May, Sheldon Rader and Emma Swank. 

Cheer Scholarship for $150: Aidan Anderson.

Farmers’ Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Scholarship for $2500: Emma Rule, Carter Allen. 

GDL Scholarship for $1,000: Tucker Burtch. 

Livingston Co. 4-H Council Scholarship for $250: Braden Constant, Seth Hansen. 

Show-Me FAFSA Challenge Scholarship for $750: Lucas Campbell.

Joshua Quinn & Abby Quinn Boies Memorial Scholarship: Mason Baxter, $3,000; Spencer Shira and Chandler Stedem for $1,500. 

St. Joseph Academy Alumni Scholarship for $200: Mason Baxter. 

Chillicothe Teachers Association Scholarship for $100: Tucker Burtch, Mollie Ellis, Lucy Gaston, Emma Rule, Spencer Shira, Nathan Toole, Tucker Wagers.

Northwest District MSTA Scholarship for $800: Braden Constant. 

Cindy Gott Memorial Scholarship for $500: Emily Pfeifer, Julia Stimpson, Emma Swank. 

KCHI-Leatherman Communications Broadcast Scholarship for $500: Tayler Williams.

“A” for Achievement Awards for $200: Carter Allen, Seth Hansen, Dimitri Dickerson, Hallie Jones, Emery Evans, Ella Leamer, Ethan Gabrielson, Samual Pauley, Allison Haley, Alexie Walker.

Chillicothe United Methodist Church Scholarships for $1,000 each: Walter Tyner Miller Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Dominique. Bob Skinner Memorial Scholarship: Tucker Burtch, Seth Hansen. Jessie Gibson Scholarship: Delaney May. 

Dr. William L. Fair Memorial Scholarship for $5,000: Ella Leamer. 

Michael Fair Instrumental Music Scholarship for $1,000: Colby Newman. 

Westminster College Scholarships: Leadership Award: Zion Bowe, $12,000.  President’s Scholarship: Cesar Mares, $16,000. 

Chillicothe Rotary Club Scholarships for $1,000:  Hannah Dominique, Hallie Jones, Trey Tipton. 

Missouri Chamber of Commerce Scholarship for $1,000: Seth Hansen. 

Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce Scholarship for $250: Trey Tipton. 

Show-Me Scholars: Carter Allen, Allison Ishmael, Mason Baxter, Ella Leamer, Braden Constant, Delaney May, Dimitri Dickerson, Warren Meservey, Londin Edds, Samual Pauley, Emery Evans, Emma Rule, Chloe Funk, Hayden Simmer, Ethan Gabrielson, Trey Tipton, Allison Haley, Alexie Walker, Seth Hansen, Tayler Williams, Breanna Hines. 

Marceline Eagles 726 Auxiliary Scholarship for $750: Emily Pfeifer. 

Beta Zeta Scholarship for $300: Kristy Ashbrook. 

Northwest Mo. Assn. of School Administrators Scholarship for $250: Emma Burk.

Missouri Association of Rural Education Scholarship for $500: Brooke Horton. 

Chillicothe Elks Lodge 656 Scholarships: Bill Tharp Scholarship Trey Tipton, $1,000. Tanner Edmundson Scholarship: Hallie Jones, $1,000. Tegan Edmunson Scholarship Lydia Anderson, $1,000. Max Littrell Scholarship: Maya Snyder, $750. Williard Renzelman Scholarship: Ella Leamer, $750. Joel & Mary Ellen Valbracht Scholarship: Keagan Valbracht, $750. Wanda Murrell Scholarship: Lucy Gaston, $750. Patrick J. Anderson Scholarship: Aidan Anderson, $750. Joe Murrell Scholarship: Warren Meservey, $750. Jim Stinson Scholarship: Colby Gillespie, $500. Stanley Dewitt Scholarship: Hannah Dominique, $500. Gary & Kay Garrison Scholarship: Nathan Toole, $500. George Hayward Scholarship: Tucker Wagers, $500. 

MVS State Allocated Scholarship:  Allison Haley, $1,000. 

Elks Legacy Scholarship for $4,000 each:  Hallie Jones, Nathan Toole. 

Claude T. & Maureen Smith Music Scholarship: Aundraya Shady, $600.

PEO Scholarship: Ella Leamer, $500. 

Liv. Co. Women’s Democratic Club Litton Scholarship: Alexie Walker, $400. 

Grand River Technical School Scholarships, for $1,000 each: Allen Moore Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Cassity. GRTS Directors Scholarship: Remington Gillespie. Duckworth Technology Scholarship: Nathan Toole. 

Mel Brown Memorial Golf Scholarship for $1,000 each: Hallie Jones, Ethan Gabrielson. 

Livingston County Retired Teachers School Personnel Scholarships for $500 each: Brooke Horton, Braden Constant. 

Jolene Haas Anderson Trust Scholarships: Lydia Anderson, Kristy Ashbrook, Emma Burk, Kalee Collis, Chloe Funk, Breanna Hines, Allison Ishmael, Carly McMahan, Warren Meservey, Megan Sisson, Julia Stimpson, Keagan Valbracht, Mayanna Weed and Tayler Williams for $1,000 each; and Londin Edds,  Aundraya Shady and Emma Swank for $2,000 each. 

FCS Financial Scholarship: Trey Tipton, $1,500. 

Leland O’Dell Memorial Scholarship: Emma Rule, $1,000. 

CHS Class of 1966: Hayden Simmer, $1,000. 

MFA Foundation ScholarshipMFA Agri Services Trenton: Warren Meservey, $2,000. MFA Agri Services Chillicothe: Ashton Crouch, $2,000. MFA Oil Chillicothe: Mason Baxter, $2,000. 

Bob Carter Memorial Scholarship for $500: Hallie Jones, Dalton Ripley. 

Cramer and Jeanette Mansur Science Scholarship for $4,000: Carter Allen. 

Hugo Dickerson Memorial Scholarship:  Emily Pfeifer, Megan Sisson,  $1,000 each. 

Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri: Mollie & Nelson Allen Education Scholarship: Gracelyn Swank, Braden Constant, $1,000 each.

DAR Good Citizen Award: Mason Baxter, $500. 

DAR Olive Prindle Chapter Scholarship: Emma Rule, Daniel Hoel, $1,000 each. 

Murphy, Watson & Burr Scholarship: Samual Pauley, $500. 

Grand River YMCA Doris Sensenich Scholarships: Maya Snyder, Sheldon Rader, $500 each.

Christopher Cunningham Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Toole, $250. 

Nolan Chapman Jr. and Margaret P. Chapman Memorial Scholarships, for $2,500 each: Braden Constant, Londin Edds, Mollie Ellis, Allison Haley, Hallie Jones, Ella Leamer, Mayanna Weed. 

David Williams Wildlife Conservation and Biology Scholarship for $2,095: Alexie Walker, Tucker Wagers. 

Dr. James Eden Memorial Scholarship: Emery Evans, $500. 

Nickolas W. and Nina O. Marsch Scholarship: Kalee Collis, $500. 

Carole L. Stone Memorial Scholarship: Mollie Ellis, $500. 

Eugene Mansfield Memorial Scholarships: Emma Burk, Tucker Burtch, Caleb Corbin, Allison Daniel, Londin Edds, Chloe Funk, Lucy Gaston, Brooke Horton, Allison Ishmael, Carly McMahan, Aundraya Shady,  Trey Tipton, Nathan Toole and Tucker Wagers for $1,000 each. Lucas Campbell,  Braden Constant and Delaney May for $2,000 each.  Dimitri Dickerson, Allison Haley, Warren Meservey and Maya Snyder for $3,000 each. Emery Evans and Ethan Gabrielson for $4,000 each. 

Stanley R. and Elsie A. Scruby Scholarships: Hannah Dominique and Hallie Jones $5,000 each. 

Louis H. “Judy” and Margaret F. Stein Scholarship: Emma Rule and Alexie Walker for $5,000. 

Four Year Foreign Language Achievement Award: Londin Edds, Brooke Horton.

Charles and Annie Hughes Scholarship: Londin Edds, $250. 

Mary E. Jones Scholarship: Max Kleinschmidt, $250. 

CEA Scholarship: Carter Allen, $500. 

Outstanding Thespian Awards: Aundraya Shady, Dimitri Dickerson. 

MSHSAA Athletic and Scholastic Excellence Awards: Brooke Horton, Mason Baxter. 

MEC Academic All-Conference: Carter Allen,  boys tennis; Lydia Anderson, track; Mason Baxter, soccer, basketball; Braden Constant,  football, baseball; Caleb Corbin baseball; Chloe Funk, soccer; Haylee Coplen, volleyball; Hannah Dominique, soccer; Londin Edds,  soccer; Mollie Ellis, softball; Ethan Gabrielson,  soccer, track; Brooke Horton, softball, basketball; Allison Ishmael,  soccer; Hallie Jones, golf, soccer; Ella Leamer,  volleyball, basketball; Casar Mares,  football, wrestling, track; Delaney May tennis, track; Colby Newman,  basketball; Sheldon Rader, wrestling; Dalton Ripley, golf, Hayden Simmer, cross country, basketball, track; Maya Snyder,  volleyball, track; Julia Stimpson,  soccer; Trey Tipton,  football; Tucker Wagers,  football, baseball;  Claire Walker, volleyball. 

Senior Hat & Garter: Mason Baxter (’21) – Braxton Johnson (’22); Ella Leamer (’21) – Libby Washburn (’22). 

Installation of Senior Class Officers: President Chloe Funk (’21) – Leah Lourenco (’22); Vice President Alexie Walker (’21) – Lauren Cavanah (’22); Secretary Emery Evans (’21) – Kadence Shipers (’22).