County reports "surge" in COVID cases

Chillicothe News

According to officials at the Livingston County Health Department, there has been a "surge" in new COVID cases in Livingston County. "Last week, we added 35 new cases. So far in May, we have had 42 positive cases," a Facebook post on the health department's page said Monday. 

The post reads:

"The cases have been made up of individuals of all ages, the biggest age group being adults 30-40.

"The surge in cases hasn’t come from any, one facility, but more so clusters of family members and people that congregate together.

"Positive cases throughout the month of May have largely been among unvaccinated people, but we have seen three breakthrough cases in the 75-95 age group.

"A "breakthrough" case is defined as a positive test result after being fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated is being two weeks past receiving the second dose of vaccine in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, and in the case of Johnson & Johnson, two weeks past the single dose.

"It is possible that Mother’s Day might have been the catalyst for several of these cases, but we can only speculate as to their origin.

"What is important to note is that the virus is still circulating in our county, and residents should continue taking precautions such as wearing masks in public places, washing hands frequently, staying home when sick, avoiding crowded areas with poor ventilation and getting vaccinated.

"We would also like to remind the public it is essential that those who are quarantined follow the guidelines they are given and stay home until their period of isolation is over."