Parson signs Joint Resolution removing hurdle for completion of reservoir

Chillicothe News

On June 10, Governor Mike Parson signed a Joint Resolution, which enables the State of Missouri to join with the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission (NCMRWC) to service debt on a loan that will pay-off open bonds and help fund local-side match share to complete the East Locust Creek Reservoir (ELCR).

According to a press release from Brad Scott, General Manager of the NCMRWC, Gov. Parson has been an ardent supporter of the Reservoir and has directed millions of dollars to the Multi-purpose Water Resources Fund to assist with matching federal funds from the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, that is the federal sponsor of the ELCR project. Parson’s Missouri Department of Natural Resource (MDNR) has been particularly responsive and helpful in advancing the ELCR in a multitude of ways and remains engaged in several areas of the project.

The Joint Resolution was supported in the General Assembly by Senator Dan Hegeman and Representative Danny Busick along with Rep. Randy Railsback and Rep. Rusty Black.

Harve Rhodes, Chairman of the NCMRWC stated, “Without this resolution allowing for the State to be a full partner in constructing this regional water supply, I am not sure how the project gets done. Gov. Parson recognized that early in his Administration and he and his staff worked tirelessly to pass the Joint Resolution. This was a huge step in finalizing our Plan of Finance that will enable the construction and completion of the ELCR.”

Brad Scott, General Manager of the NCMRWC said, “While the lake project has received bi-partisan support from all governors for the last 11 years, Gov. Parson has led the way in funding the Multi-purpose Water Resources Fund which was specially established to fund regional water infrastructure projects. He and his administration, especially MDNR have been true heroes in making the dream of this reservoir become a reality. This is really the way government should work.”

Chris May, Presiding Commissioner of Sullivan County said, “Our very own Sen. Hegeman and Rep. Danny Busick along with Rep. Randy Railsback and Rusty Black played significant roles in supporting the governor and the Joint Resolution. We all remain grateful for all their hard work on behalf of Sullivan County.”

Brad Scott, added, “Senator Roy Blunt and Congressman Sam Graves have been true heroes on the Federal level. And while our State Senators and Representatives have shown great leadership, we needed a champion in the governor’s office and boy did we find one in Gov. Mike Parson. The next time we see Gov. Parson in Sullivan County we hope to put a gold shovel in his hand and a hard-hat on his head. He has earned it.”