LCSO discusses foot chase, juror letters, more

For the Constitution-Tribune

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) has issued several press releases about crimes around the county and juror letters.

Illinois man arrested for speeding

According to a Sheriff Steve Cox, at about 12 p.m., on Aug. 5,  a deputy was transporting three detainees in a patrol vehicle on U.S. Highway 36 traveling to Daviess-Dekalb Regional Jail. 

"The deputy was still in Livingston County and was passed by a vehicle with Arizona license plates traveling 105 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone, Cox said. "The deputy engaged lights in attempt to alert the driver and requested dispatch send another officer that direction.  MoDOT happened to be west of this location and the suspect vehicle actually stopped for MoDOT."

A second deputy investigated the incident and arrested the driver, Scott Ryan Ottersen, 39, Plainfield, Illi., for alleged excessive speed of 105 mph in a 65 mph zone. Ottersen posted bond at the Law Enforcement Center and was released with a mandatory court appearance on Sept. 22.

"Having a driver's license does not permit anyone to intentionally risk the life of everyone on and around the roadways.  Consider when you are driving 65 mph your velocity is 95.33 feet per second.  When someone is driving 105 mph that velocity is a much more dangerous 154 feet per second.  A football field is 300 feet long," Cox said. "U.S. 36 has only seemed to get worse for serious violations in our area.  Talk with your family, friends and especially inexperienced drivers about this.  Be informed and stay safe."

New juror selection 

According to Cox, earlier this week 600 of the luckiest people in Livingston County will begin receiving their prospective juror notices.  The LCSO is required to notify the group of potential juror service from October-February.

They must be completed and returned in a timely manner to Circuit Clerk Jane Gann on the 3rd floor of the Livingston County Courthouse.  The sheriff and sheriff's office cannot excuse anyone from jury duty, you can report to the Circuit Clerk if you are not able to serve or will be gone for an extended period of time.

Car stop leads to arrest, drug seizure

On  Aug. 10 at 2:01 a.m. Deputy Jordan Williams stopped a vehicle on U.S. Highway 36 near Utica for traffic violation(s) and the stop ended up with the deputy seizing significant number of LSD hits, smaller amounts of methamphetamine, possible MDMA (Ecstasy) pills, Marijuana and drug paraphernalia, Cox said in a press release. 

Investigation resulted in the arrest of Harley Eugene Traister, 46, Texas, for alleged possession of controlled substance(s). Traister was processed at the Law Enforcement Center and a warrant was issued for his arrest later that morning. He will be held at the Daviess-Dekalb Regional Jail in lieu of bond.  Additional investigation continues.

Man arrested after foot chase

In Associate Circuit Court in Livingston County on Aug. 11, the bond supervision employee spoke with a person that had appeared in court about a drug screen.  The male gave an answer and then asked further about drug use and being told the person was being directed to submit to a urine sample the man,  identified as Nicholas A. Duckworth fled from the Courthouse. 

LCSO then received arrest warrants from the Associate Court for Duckworth, 29, Chillicothe, for alleged failure to appear in court on class D felony possession of controlled substance, failure to appear in court on class A misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to appear in court on class D felony possession of controlled substance, total bond of $25,000.

"A short while later two deputies responded to the area of 100 block of Mitchell in Chillicothe in attempt to serve these warrants when one deputy made eye contact with Duckworth who instantly fled on foot from the officers," Cox said.  "The deputies were able to pin him into a one block area and one or more citizens were helpful in pointing out Duckworth's direction of travel on foot but we were unable to see the suspect enter any home."

Several Chillicothe Police Officers responded to assist and multiple homes were searched for the suspect.  Duckworth was found hiding in a second home and taken into custody without further incident.  

Duckworth was taken to the Law Enforcement Center and processed then transported to Daviess-Dekalb Regional Jail.  Additional report of resisting arrest by flight will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.