Local youth attended the Mid-America Music Festival

For the Constitution-Tribune

Local youth attended the 64th annual Mid-America Music Festival July 29-Aug. 1 at The Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Independence.  Total entries were 1,132 on 22 different instruments.  There were 62 music studios participating from four states.  

Students from Stark Music, Chillicothe joined with piano students of Yuli Maria.

Students receiving an average grade of 95 on two songs were awarded a trophy.Those participating were:  Elias Allen, guitar;  Mariel Allen, guitar;  Allen & Allen duet, guitar;  Allens Amped Up, guitar/piano ensemble; Gabrielle Barnett, ukulele; Gracelynn Barnett, ukulele; Barnett/Barnett,  duet, ukulele; Madison Wolf, guitar;  Adra Stretch, guitar; Mylo Murphy, guitar; Carson Williams/Mylo Murphy, duet, guitar; Cooper Murphy/Mylo Murphy, duet, guitar; Isabel Nagel, piano; Jocelyn Albrecht, piano; Kayla Cakranata, clarinet; Jaden Cakranata, piano; Bianca Cakranata, piano; and Melody Cakranata, piano. 

Next year the 65th Music Festival will be held in St. Louis.   

Allen's Amped Up, from left to right is, Mariel Allen, Angela Allen, Elias Allen and Joyce Stark.