West Linn News

By Eudora Fitzpatrick

Ruth (Smith) McKenzie, 103.5 years old, of Hannibal, formerly of Purdin, passed on August 17.  Services were held at Elmwood Cemetery, Linneus, on August 21.

Happy Birthday is wished for Ashley Lorenz, Robert Schmitt, Stacy Young on August 27, Brett Neal, Roberta Kehr, Danielle Paris, Macy Lambert, Mallory Lambert on August 28, Rance Shiflett, Phillip Woodward on August 29, Anthony Trobaugh, Jennifer Waits, Tori Baker, Jamie Baskett on August 30, Randy Jacobs, Kelsie Munsterman, Connie Sallee, Gus Coram on August 31, Nathan Finney, Jason Finney, Dorothy Crookshanks on September 1, Joy Leppin, Cletus Pitzenberger, Dakota Collins on September 2.

Happy Anniversary is wished for Bobby and Trish Wilburn on August 28, Benny and Debbie Gudgell on August 29.

MEADVILLE SCHOOL NEWS:  First day of school was  August 25.