36th annual Chautauqua this weekend

9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday

For the Constitution-Tribune

The Chillicothe Area Arts Council partners with the Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce to present Chautauqua in the Park each year.  The Arts Council provides the stage entertainment throughout the weekend.  The stage is located in the center of the park and draws a large crowd each year.      

“This year’s entertainment stage has a fantastic line-up of local and regional talent on both days of the festival,” explained Mary Lou VanDeventer, Administrator of the Chillicothe Area Arts Council.  The bands are all crowd favorites and bring lots of diversity in genres”.

Saturday show schedule 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.                                    

***9/11 Tribute—20th Anniversary—Never Forget—Special Tribute to First Responders

This coming weekend we are reminded that 20 years ago 9/11 became a date we will all remember as the United States of America suffered a terror attack that “rocked the world”.  We remember the surreal events of that day.  Chautauqua will begin the stage entertainment with a special tribute to local and area “First Responders”.  This special tribute will begin with local Veterans leader George Laprade and Color Guard Presenting the Colors prior to leading the crowd in the “pledge of allegiance”.  The CHS Choraliers will sing the “National Anthem”.

***PEPPY PROMENADERS SQUARE DANCE CLUB—are exciting to watch as they share their mastery of the Art of Square Dancing.  Their group includes dance lovers of all ages. The group will also host a booth in the “Traditional Arts Area” Saturday, where you can join in the fun!

***STORYTELLER/BYRON VON ROSENBERG—known as the poet laureate of Byrnes Mill, Missouri, is an inspirational poet, children’s author, and speaker whose stories have brought cheer to thousands of families.  Byron was born in Houston and grew up in New Orleans.  He is familiar to many of us from having been a favorite Chautauqua Storyteller through the years.  We’re happy to welcome him back this year!

***MIXOLOGY—A fantastic group of fellas coming together to perform some of your favorite Country/ Rock music.  The band is new to the Chautauqua Stage, excited to entertain you and will have you on your feet “dancing” or in your chair “rock’n”!  

***KATATONICS-- This Rockabilly Trio has been playing the music that was popular when the sound of “Go Kat Go!” could be heard around the World…we promise—“We’re gonna have a ball!”

Sunday show schedule 10:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

***ADAM & JULIE MAST—have been singing and making music together for almost 20 years.  Each of them started their musical journey at a young age, serving in the worship ministry in their home churches.  After getting married, they continued to serve together, sharing their ministry of music.

***REQUEST TIME WITH JAMIE & MARY LOU—Jamie Pauls, recently dubbed, Chillicothe’s area pianist, is well-known in the area for his amazing ability to play all genres of music from classical to blues, jazz and country.  He will be joined by local vocalist, Mary Lou VanDeventer.  The duo will be sharing some of their most requested songs through the years and also take requests from the crowd.

***ANN & TERRY BROCKE, JAMIE PAULS—these three friends perform a wide variety of musical styles from Americana and country, to bluegrass, traditional and jazz.  Jamie’s beautiful piano work, Terry’s fiddling, and Ann’s sweet voice make the music uniquely their own.

The Traditional Arts Area is a great way to step “Back in Time” and enjoy the way things were done in by-gone days.

Zelma Cleaveland, coordinator, has been bringing Artisans to this area for 20 years and shares— People “in the old days” (as our kids like to tell us), did many things out of necessity and probably didn’t consider the far-reaching effects they would have.  For instance, the cranky sock machines provided warm socks to our soldiers that protected their feet in the trenches.  Every household tool and clothing was made by hand with many steps to the process and a lot of hard work to the end result.  Even the tools they used to create had to be made.  These traditional arts often become lifetime hobbies!

As we fast-forward to our modern times, we realize all of this labor isn’t necessary, but at the same time, we admire our ancestors for having the imagination, skills, fortitude and desire for making things.

Many antique machines have been revamped to continue their work and due to interest, these machines are made, in our time, in Missouri and other places.

The Traditional Arts area at Chautauqua has expanded over the past 20 years as the interest in these crafts has grown and more people are learning these skills to share with you.

Do you know how clay is formed and made into useful kitchenware?  We can show you.

Can you imagine a world without color?  All kinds of plants, insects, even shellfish have been used to make clothing more interesting.  We can show you the magic of indigo as fabric and fiber emerge from the steaming pot in a funny green shade to gradually turn to the familiar blue we all know in blue jeans.  How about “cochineal”?  Hmmm, drop by to see what color this pot turns out.  And our third color of the day comes from turmeric.  Of course, we use it in cooling and there is a lot published about its health benefits, but color?  Long before these uses, people were using it to add a little “sunshine” to their lives.

Zelma is excited to add two new artisans to the area—“Stained glass” & Leather Craft (you will see the delicate work of hand sewing leather pieces)

She reminds us that one of the favorite forms of entertainment was “Story telling” which is returning to the area this year with one of Missouri’s renowned authors “Byron von Rosenberg” who will also be appearing on the Chautauqua Stage Saturday 11 30 a.m., – 12 p.m.

And people of the past did take some time for a little music, but many instruments were handmade and they didn’t need to plug into anything.  Check out our dulcimer makers and try a tune of your own.

In addition, folks enjoyed dancing to the music and you can stop by the Square Dance booth of area club “Peppy Promenaders” and they will teach you how to “swing your partner” and “two-step”.    

These are just a few of the talented artists we have in the “Traditional Arts” area this year.  Some things you will be able to try for yourself, and others you may just want to watch and enjoy the process.  This is an area for a little nostalgia, innovation and energy.

Won’t you take a bit of time to explore it?

The “MOUNTAIN MAN” EXHIBIT sponsored by Life Flight Eagle is located near the Traditional Arts Area.  Stop by the Reeter Family’s Tepee and check out the handmade cooking utensils, all hand-crafted and made by Jamie for Julia to use as she cooks a delicious meal over the open fire—you can sample the delicious food she prepares! It’s a wonderful interactive exhibit and a huge crowd-pleaser!

Come join us all for this wonderful family-friendly festival.  You don’t have to leave the Park for food, fun and enjoyment.  Saturday 9 a.m., to 6 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m., to 4 p.m.