Put a lid on it

By Kirsten Mouton

This month the Livingston County Preservation Society (LCPS) is focusing on funding for a new roof for the Edgerton home. We have cut back the weeds growing up the north side of the house, but no other work can be started until we seal up the “lid” on top of the house. Saving this home will take a community effort. It was built in about 1891 by Dr. W. W. Edgerton. He bought several lots from the Bryan family who used to own that entire block. The Edgerton family moved in from Wheeling and stayed for several generations, marrying into the Welch family. You can go to our website at livcopreservation.weebly.com to donate online. Email us at livcopreservation@gmail.com for other options. We continue to apply for grants and pursue other avenues for funding.

The Edgerton Home was built in about 1891 by Dr. W. W. Edgerton.

We have a second Century Home in the works. We will make an announcement in a few weeks about it. Two hints: it is really cool; and it is not a traditional home.

LCPS is starting work on a pictorial history book for Livingston County. There will be a more detailed press release coming out soon. We are very excited about this project! The book should be out in August 2023.

We want to put together a Historic Home Tour for the afternoon of Nov. 20, after the Christmas Parade and the Bishop Hogan bazaar. This would be a fundraiser for the Edgerton home. We need two more historic properties to include on the tour. If you are interested in adding your building, let us know as soon as possible. Inquiries and requests for more information can be sent to livcopreservation@gmail.com.