Local youth take part in MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit

For the Constitution-Tribune

Missouri junior swine exhibitors traveled to jackpot shows throughout the summer competing for points in the MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit. Points for the circuit could be earned from six of eight shows held across Missouri between the months of June and July. An awards presentation was conducted to conclude the program on Aug. 11 at the Pork Place on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia.

Local winners are: Michaela Miller- Bogard- 5th Spotted Gilt;  Aubree Sloan- Cameron- 8th Crossbred Gilt, 10th Overall Barrow, 1st Novice Showmanship, 2nd Poland China Barrow; Addy Sloan- Cameron- High Points OPB Gilt, 4th Novice Showmanship;  Grant Owen – Carrollton – 4th Herford Gilt; Remington Isaacs – Chillicothe – 2nd Crossbred Gilt, 10th Overall Gilt; Riggin Isaacs – Chillicothe – High Points Crossbred Barrow, 2nd Spotted Barrow, High Points Yorkshire Barrow, High Points Barrow; Garrett Anderson – Chillicothe – 3rd Crossbred Gilt;  Rylee Anderson – Chillicothe – High Points Berkshire Barrow, 7th Overall Barrow; Kayten Roberts- Filmore- 4th Chester White Gilt,10th Crossbred Gilt, 4th Spotted Barrow; Layla Gurthals- Gower- 4th Berkshire Barrow, 2nd Yorkshire Barrow, 4th Yorkshire Gilt, 5th Overall Barrow, 3rd Yorkshire Barrow; Chase Bowen –Hamilton – 4th Spotted Gilt;  Bradye Adam – Lathrop – 3rd Yorkshire Barrow; Eli Henke – Princeton – 3rd Berkshire Barrow, 2nd Herford Gilt, 5th Poland China Gilt; Judd Henke – Princeton – High Points Hampshire Barrow; Gracie Mitchell – Princeton – 3rd Herford Barrow 2nd; Reed Mitchell – Princeton – High Point OPB Barrow, High Points Herford Barrow; Alex Heussner – Tina – 3rd Duroc Gilt, 4th Yorkshire Barrow; Blane Heussner – Tina – High Points Yorkshire Gilt, 3rd Overall Gilt, 2nd Berkshire Gilt; and Jaiden Rodenberg – Wheeling – 7th Crossbred Gilt, 3rd Hampshire Gilt, 3rd Intermediate Showmanship.