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Marj Locker

IN THE MONEY. Southwest Livingston fifth grade teacher Teresa Fischer was awarded $500 from the Missouri State Teacher’s Association as part of a classroom grant to dissect squids.

Southwest teacher Teresa Fischer received a surprise check in the mail for $500 to help her class dissect squids.

The funds will buy the squids and some materials to safely perform the dissections, including goggles in case ink squirts from the squids! “It was a surprise because I thought I was getting a $100,” exclaimed Fischer. There are 14 students who will participate.

ATHLETE OF THE YEAR. John Locker was named Missouri Lottery Male Athlete of the Year through the Show Me Games organization after his many successes in track and field events over the years, as well as his successful career in education. A well rounded athlete! John retired from Southwest Livingston after serving as a principal and superintendent there.

John traveled to Utah in October to compete in the World Huntsman Senior Games track and field meet and captured a bronze medal in the high jump. He also competed in the javelin, long jump and standing long jump. He normally runs sprints, but was nursing a sore Achilles tendon at the time.

Wife, Marj, also competed and was the champion in the discus, got second in the shot put and javelin and third in the standing long jump. Both enjoyed the elevated competition and the elevated mountains!

CONFERENCE FOOTBALL AWARDS. Congratulations to Owen Oesch on being selected 1st team All Conference Offensive Line and second team defensive end in the 275 Conference. Glenn Holt is 2nd team Defensive Line, and Tucker Singer 2nd Team Running Back. Owen was also Southwest’s Homecoming king and the queen was Alee Hein.

A SHOUTOUT FOR RACHEL. Rachel Wever is a Southwest alum from Dawn that has found success in Denver, Colorado after creating a fitness program and business called Love R Bodies where she is a certified fitness trainer. She was featured last month in an online magazine called Shoutout Colorado.

“Growing up in Dawn helped shape me in many ways. Most notably, is that I find it easier to connect with my clients on a more personal level than most trainers can, or care to do. People in small towns grow up at a slower pace, your neighbors and friends become more like your family. If you don’t like someone it’s just too bad, because you’re stuck with them. I deeply care about their personal lives and goals as if they were my own,” Rachel said.

Rachel’s mission is to find scientific based programs for her clients in the place of fad diets. She says that her programs work 100 % of the time! She uses fitness, nutrition and mindset with her clients. She strives to balance the three to create a lifetime of healthy living. She wants to create a world where there are no more eating disorders and no more lies about food. She would like to create a program for elementary school aged children that teaches them a healthy balance and self-positive talk.

“I’m here doing what I do because I know I’m making a difference, and I refuse to let people down,” said Rachel. Rachel as been in Denver for three years now and she has also lived in California, Peru, Italy, and Costa Rica. She is a certified pastry chef who still enjoys baking very much and have found it fun to face the challenges of baking at altitude and make delicious treats for her friends. She hopes to one day have a line of healthier style desserts. Hobbies now include a lot of hiking and she is looking forward to snowboarding this winter. Add reading, painting, and learning languages to her to do list!

STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Marley Anderson is continuing her academic success in pharmacy school in Columbia. Marley was named student of the month for October.

YOUTH FOOTBALL. The Braymer Youth Football program sported a team with six Southwest boys on it that made it all the way to the championship game for the league. The boys were Thatcher Tipton, Jaxsin Johnson, Hutson Stedem, Gavin Anderson, Zane Myers, and Sylas Mohr.

The team defeated Gallatin to earn the right to face Mid-Buchanan in the Bantam championship. It was a very competitive match up and it was tied 12-12 at the end of regulation before Braymer fell in overtime by a touchdown.

COLLEGE SEASON CONCLUDES. Hometown football hero Wes Hughes led Southwest to a state championship in 2020 and concluded his first year of college football at Missouri Valley in Marshall as the starting quarterback for the JV team this season.

Wes earned his playing time with persistence and a work ethic. Out of seven games he quarterbacked six of them. “The amount of knowledge you have to know at the college level is so much more than in high school,” Wes said. He explained that the first day of practice they learned 28 plays and eight more on each day the rest of the week.

Wes added, “My favorite part of playing in college is getting to work with the coaches in the office as part of my work study. I get to see so much more of the business end of football. I participate in recruiting, putting in plays, creating play sheets and giving recruits game day tours.” Wes was one of only three players selected from the team to give the tours.

ADVICE FOR COLLEGE. Wes offered some advice for athletes looking at playing in college. “Be open minded to different things. Keep your head up and follow through. Go experience the school. The season is worth all the work leading up to it.” He also said, “You learn so much in college. It’s a business and you need to handle yourself like a business person. You have to study and be on top of school work.”

Wes is looking forward to his next season and is trying to become stronger. He will start his conditioning after Christmas break and have spring practices in anticipation of the beginning of fall practices in August. Good luck Wes!