CFD responds to oven fire

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Chillicothe News
Chillicothe News

The Chillicothe Fire Department (CFD) responded to a home at 912 Fairway after receiving a call of a possible oven fire at 12:56 p.m., Tuesday night.

According to a press release from Lt. Andy Vaughn the fire department responded with Ladder 1 and Engine 1. When crews arrived at the residence an occupant was outside the home.

“The occupant was standing at the front door,” Vaughn said. “She explained she had a pizza in the oven, and something got on the lower element of the stove and she used a home BC type extinguisher on the fire prior to our arrival.”

There was no damage to the home and no smoke in the home upon crews arrival.

CFD returned to service at 12:05 a.m.