Sheriff Cox attends MSA Training Conference

Staff Writer
Chillicothe News

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox attended Missouri Sheriffs' Association (MSA) 75th Anniversary Summer Training Conference at the Lake of the Ozarks, August 16-20.

The MSA Training offered sheriffs training which included: Peaceful Protesting and Civil Disturbance First Amendment Issues, Raising the Age (about juvenile law), Sunshine Law updates, Accurate Traffic Stop Data-Biased-Based-Policing Reports: Best Practices, Performance Evaluations for Public Safety, Legal Updates, Protecting future Victims: Missouri Sexually Violent Predator Act, Importance of Detention Officer Training along with a business meeting and group discussions.

“This was excellent training and some great information,” Cox said. “Were you aware Missouri law mandates Missouri elected sheriffs receive 20 hours of training each year with the Missouri Sheriffs' Association or forfeit $2,000 salary?”