Jury Duty notices mailed

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Chillicothe News
Chillicothe News

Livingston County residents should be on the lookout for mail from the Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) about jury duty.

Sheriff Steev Cox said n Sept. 9 his office mailed letters to 590 county residents n regards to jury duty. Of the letters mailed 140 are jury duty notices and 450 are about potential jury duty service.

“It is important to read and follow the directions as given by the court,” Cox said. “Due to COVID-19 precautions there will only be a certain number of prospective jurors allowed into the courtroom at a specific time for questioning by the attorneys and then the process will repeat until a jury is selected. Please pay attention to the time you are to arrive and be prompt. LCSO staff will be present to assist with any needs or instructions.”

The other 450 people will receive notice of potential jury service period from Oct. 12, through Feb. 7, 2021.

“This form has important questions which need answered and returned to Livingston County Circuit Clerk Jane Gann's office and is time-sensitive,” Cox said. “This pool of prospective jurors is where the court will have this office notify people if they actually have to appear at a certain date to potentially serve on a jury.”