CAFO permit withdrawn, public meeting canceled

Angie Talken
Chillicothe News

A scheduled public hearing for a confined Animal Feeding Operation or CAFO has been canceled, due to United Hog Systems, LLC., withdrawing their application, Livingston County Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas said Thursday.

Poosey Neighbors United, a group that has been vocal about not wanting the CAFO in Livingston County was notified on Wednesday night that the Z8 Sow Farm permit had been withdrawn.

Douglas said that it is his understanding that United Hog Systems, LLC. will be submitting an application for another hog operation on the same property. Now the process starts over.

“They will have to submit an application to the county again and to DNR (Department of Natural Resources),” Douglas said. There will be a public hearing, once the process for the new application reaches that point.”

In May DNR approved the original application for the United Hog Systems, LLC., then-proposed operation in Livingston County.

Poosey Neighbors united is a group of area residents who oppose allowing a CAFO in the county. That group along with other citizens are concerned about how having a CAFO in the county could affect property values, air and water quality, area conservation land and the damage done to county roads and highways from the

The public hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 15.