Letter to the Editor: Appreciation and thanks to the Livingston County Health Department

Chillicothe News

Dear Editor -

I have had the great pleasure to work closely with Sherry Weldon, our Livingston County Health Administrator and her staff for the last 12 months during the pandemic. Sherry served on the CARES Act Committee with me and the County Commission and the City of Chillicothe that disbursed $1,786,000 of CARES money to our community. I have also attended what I would call strategy meetings at the Health Department on how best to address the many facets of fighting the disease and protecting our citizens.

In my experience I have found Sherry and her staff to be very professional, courteous, thoughtful, hardworking and easy to work with. Most recently, I received a vaccine shot at the Methodist Church at which she and her staff vaccinated 1000 people in one day. I was extremely impressed with the organization and professionalism I observed in their accomplishment of a task of that magnitude. Based on my experience and from what I have seen during this health crisis, I think our county and city are very fortunate to have such a fine Health Department. My thanks and sincere gratitude from all us to the Livingston County Health Board, Sherry Weldon the Administrator, and the Livingston County Health Center staff for all you do.


Ed Douglas

Presiding Commissioner of Livingston County