The case of the missing trash can

By Joe Dillard

We have two garbage cans. A good one that has wheels with chrome hubcaps and high-performance mud flaps.

Then we have an old one: battered and torn, no wheels no mud flaps, and the lid is missing.

Well, on recent morning I had the occasion to use both of them. The good one had the basic garbage in it and the old beat up one had some refuse from the shed. I topped it off with an old dilapidated folding chair. Might have been the one in which I experienced the “Ultimate Hunker!” (see page 50 of the updated “Cup of Joe”)

Later in the day, I went down to get the two garbage cans but there was only one – the good one.

Thus, started my rant about losing our old one. After a while, I thought, “Well you big dufus, they did you a favor by just tossing the whole thing in the truck.

Still, I missed our old can but finally gave it up and moved on.

Lo and behold the next week, when I went out to the garage and popped open the lid of the good can to stuff the garbage in, what to my wondering eyes did appear but our old can!

The good garbage collector people had stuffed it in there since it had been a windy day and they didn’t want it to blow away since it was so light weight.

There just has to be a moral in there somewhere. I know that I am getting really good at eating meals of crows!

Joe G. Dillard, former Livingston County resident now living in Columbia, recently published an update of his “Full Cup of Joe” stories. But the funny events just keep happening in his life, and he wanted to share the latest one with you which just recently happened and didn’t make it in the book. Copies of Dillard's updated “Cup of Joe” (“A Full Cup of Joe: Refilled with New Stories) are available at the Tribune business office for $12.95 ($3 of each sale goes to the Relay for Life, a fundraising effort of the American Cancer Society), or by sending a check for $15.00 to Joe G. Dillard at 3535 West Arbor Way, Columbia Mo 65203.