Pastor's Pen

Ken Jameson

Romans 5 : 8 ,, God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us

How many things in life do we just take for granted? Freedom to chose our profession, Freedom to go to any church we want on Sunday. We are free to accept the message and teachings of that church or chose another to attend. We are free to write, assemble, state our opinions.

These are freedoms that are only dreamed of in many countries in our world. Do we assume these freedoms will always be here for us. Sure, absolutely, why wouldn't we, it's always been that way.

Do we ever take salvation for granted? Gods love? Jesus's sacrifice? Have we just become accustomed to having forgiveness, and salvation. With it coming at no cost to us, except a confession of faith, does it have no value?

Next question : Do we take being a Disciple of Christ seriously? Have we given up all else to serve Him only? A disciple is supposed to serve his master completely. How much thought have we given to what that means?

Jesus wants all of us, not just a certain per cent. Why would he make such a hard demand? I believe it is because He knows thats where we find life. If we give up of ourselves, serve him completely we find we are fully alive. Not only are we fully alive but we are promised eternal life, as part of the deal.

John 14; Jesus tells His disiples “ I am the way, the truth, and the life.

What are we looking for, what are we hungry for, what do we long for more than anything in this world? Jesus has it. Jesus gave his life for us, are we taking that for granted? Danger! Danger!

Danger fellow Christian. It's to precious not to value higher than anything else.........period, get it.

This is life and death. Jesus gives us the opportunity of life. Time to decide. Blessings

Ken Jameson is the pastor at Chillicothe's First Christian Church.