CLAA conference basketball tournament to resume today

Quarterfinals action will be split between traditional host site Tina-Avalon School and neighboring Hale. First games to tip off at 3:30 p.m.

Paul Sturm
Chillicothe News
2021 CLAA Basketball Tournament bracket (4th revision, as of noon Tuesday, Feb. 16)
  • Tue. girls' schedule @ T-A: 3:30 – Norborne v. Hale; 6:30 – T-A vs. Hardin-Central
  • Tue. boys' schedule at T-A: 5:00 - Northwestern vs. Norborne; 8:00 – T-A vs. Hardin-Central
  • Tue. girls' schedule at Hale: 3:30 - SW Livingston vs Northwestern; 6:30 – Braymer vs. Brunswick
  • Tue. boys' schedule at Hale: 5:00 - SW Livingston vs. Braymer; 8:00 - Hale/Bosworth vs. Brunswick

By PAUL STURM, C-T Sports Editor

TINA — Eight days behind schedule, now compacted, minus a consolation bracket, and – for the first time in memory, if ever – utilizing multiple sites simultaneously, the Carroll-Livingston Activity Association will take another stab at getting its 2021 conference high school basketball tournament played, starting tonight.

Travis Zahl, Tina-Avalon School principal and tournament director, announced late this (Tuesday, Feb. 16) morning the tourney will resume today, albeit at altered start times from the most-recent previous plan.

To try to salvage the event, two sites – Tina-Avalon School and Hale – will be utilized today only, allowing all eight quarterfinal games to be played. In an attempt to combat and minimize motorists' exposure to the extreme cold weather, the start times of all games have been moved up an hour from the most-recent prior revised schedule.

Tipoff for the first game at each site – at T-A, the Norborne and Hale/Bosworth girls, and, at Hale, the Southwest Livingston and Mendon: Northwestern girls – will be at 3:30 p.m., Zahl announced, with succeeding games slated at 90-minutes intervals (see accompanying bracket graphic for times and sequence of other Tuesday games).

Assuming Tuesday's games all are completed, if conditions allow, the tournament then will have its four championship-semifinal games at Tina-Avalon School Wednesday, beginning at the traditional 4:30 p.m. Similarly, championship and third-place games for each gender are tentatively planned for Thursday at long-time tourney home T-A, again starting at 4:30 p.m. (girls' third-place game).

If, for some reason, either today's, Wednesday's, or Thursday's presently-planned action does not happen, the conference presumably would shift any remaining action back one day and conclude Friday, pre-empting any non-tournament games – even planned make-ups of CLAA regular-season contests – any of the league schools might have slated. For instance, the C-T had been told that, tentatively, Southwest Livingston and Braymer had planned to make up their missed regular-season contests on Friday, if the date is available.

Should complications arise and the long-running tournament not be played to completion, even in its truncated form, it would be the second time in three years that it has not played out to its scheduled end after rarely, if ever, having had that occur previously.

As a reminder to potential fans wanting/planning to attend games, feedback on what will apply is being awaited at the time of the original posting of this story.

Previously, when games were only slated for Tina-Avalon School, fans had been instructed not to attempt to enter the building until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game they were on the pre-filed pass list for (each player, cheerleader, or coach was allowed to have two persons on the pass list).

In addition, masks were to required for admittance and were recommended for wearing whenever social distancing from others outside of the attendee's household) was not possible.

Presumably those will remain in force at T-A, where fans will need to enter at the entrance with the sidewalk awning and exit through the gym's south doors.