Fourteen C-T-area Players Among Media Group’s ’20-’21 all-Northwest District Hoopsters

Chillicothe has pair of sophomores tabbed, Southwest Livingston three seniors, CLAA eight total; other districts still unannounced

Paul Sturm
Chillicothe News
  • Sophomores Jessica Reeter and Griff Bonderer of Chillicothe on Classes 4-6 teams
  • Lily Webb, Patrick Warren, Chase Neptune of Southwest Livingston on Class 1 units
  • MSSA's northeast, central district teams expected to be disclosed within a week

By PAUL STURM, C-T Sports Editor

CAMERON — Following a meeting this past Monday, media members from the Missouri Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association’s northwest district (effectively the region of the state from Livingston County north and west) announced Wednesday their selections of the district’s best high school basketball players for the 2020-21 season.

The C-T coverage area, which comprises only a small geographic slice of the district, has 14 of the girls’ and boys’ cagers tabbed for the annual honors squad.

Two of the 14 – sophomore guards Griff Bonderer and Jessica Reeter – are Chillicothe High School players.

Three competed for Southwest Livingston High – seniors Chase Neptune and Patrick Warren of the Carroll-Livingston Activity Association regular-season and league tournament champion Wildcats and Lily Webb of the Lady Wildcats.

A slim majority of the other nine also are from CLAA teams – Jaeden Sears of Hale/Bosworth’s Cardinals, Samantha Rounkles of CLAA tournament title-winner Tina-Avalon, Dallas Hall of Braymer’s Lady ’Cats, and twin sisters Kayla and Olivia Dooley of CLAA girls’ regular-season champ Norborne, all of them seniors.

Rounding out the area selections are Hamilton: Penney’s Brighton Swindler, senior guard for the Lady Hornets, and junior forward Andrew Rich of the Hornets, Polo Lady Panthers junior forward Mary Copeland, and Jamesport: Tri-County junior guard Destiny Gutshall.

Five other schools within the traditional C-T coverage area of nearby schools and the CLAA – Meadville, Linn County, Mendon: Northwestern, Brunswick, and Keytesville – are evaluated in other MSSA districts – the first two in the northeast and the latter three in the central (Northwestern reverting to the central this year for the first time in many years as part of the changing geography of its conference). It is expected those districts’ all-star teams will be announced within a week with multiple area players certain to be included.

Here is the full list of the MSSA’s all-northwest district teams for this past season (listings not in any specific order):

          CLASS 1


Tori Meinecke, Mercer, 6’, jr.

Webby Bailey, Pattonsburg, 5’7”, jr.

Emma Craig, North Harrison, 5’9”, sr.

Malia Collins, Platte Valley, 5’6”, sr.

Jaclyn Pappert, Platte Valley, 5’10”, jr.

Maggie Collins, Platte Valley, 6’, fr.

Ashton Crockett, DeKalb, 5’8”, jr.

Jacquelyn Cline, North Nodaway, 5’6”, soph.

Riley McQueen, Stanberry, 5’6”, sr.

Lexi Craig, Stanberry, 5’10”, jr.

Destiny Gutshall, Jamesport: Tri-County, 5’7”, jr.

Shaina Culp, Nodaway-Holt, 5’10”, sr.

Rainey Michael, Mercer, 5’5”, soph.

Kayla Dooley, Norborne, 5’9”, sr.

Olivia Dooley, Norborne, 5’9”, sr.

Rayleigh Guyer, South Holt, 5’5”, jr.

Stephanie Turpin, Platte Valley, 5’5”, jr.

Samantha Rounkles, Tina-Avalon, 6’1”, sr.

Dallas Hall, Braymer 5’9”, sr.

Lily Webb, Southwest Livingston, 5’6”, sr.

Coach of the Year — Tyler Pedersen, Platte Valley


Landon Poppa, Mound City, 6’5”, sr.

Tony Osburn, Mound City, 6’2”, jr.

Collin Sager, Stanberry, 6’5”, sr.

Tyler Blay, West Nodaway, 6’, sr.

Cameron Jones, Pattonsburg, 6’1”, sr.

Jakob Hisel, Winston, 6’, sr.

Brett Emig, North Harrison, 5’10”, sr.

Caden Gann, Grundy County R-5/Newtown-Harris, 6’1”, sr.

Alex Rinehart, Worth County, 5’10”, jr.

Gage Salsbury, Mound City, 6’, sr.

Austin Schwebach, Stanberry, 6’5”, jr.

Trever McQueen, Platte Valley, 5’11”, sr.

Dylan McIntyre, Northeast Nodaway, 6’, soph.

Jacob Uthe, Winston, 6’2”, jr.

Jaeden Sears, Hale/Bosworth, 6’1”, sr.

Chase Neptune, Southwest Livingston, 5’8”, sr.

Adam Rinehart, East Harrison, 6’1”, sr.

Carson Bowman, St. Joseph Christian, 6’2”, jr.

Hunter Dawson, West Nodaway, 5’8”, jr.

Patrick Warren, Southwest Livingston, 5’10”, sr.

Cooper Lewis, Grundy County R-5/Newtown-Harris, 6’3”, sr.

Coach of the Year — Ty Stillwell, Grundy County R-5/Newtown-Harris

                 CLASS 2


Gabby Newman, Albany, 5’5”, sr.

Mercedes Parshall, East Atchison, 5’5”, sr.

Morgan Parshall,  East Atchison, 5’5”, sr.

Shae Lewis, St. Joseph: Bishop LeBlond, 5’9”, soph.

Tatum Studer, St. Joseph: Bishop LeBlond, 5’6”, soph.

Savannah Bingham, Plattsburg, 5’8”, jr.

Kacie Livengood, Mid-Buchanan, 5’6”, sr.

Mary Copeland, Polo, 5’11”, jr.

Lauren Krohn, Princeton, 5’8”, jr.

Alaina Officer, North Andrew, 6’, sr.

Josie Roach, North Platte, 5’9”, jr.

Jordan Thornton, Mid-Buchanan, 5’2”, soph.

Olivia Dierenfeldt, Osborn/Stewartsville, 5’9”, sr.

Sierra Anthony, Albany, 5’9”, sr.

Maddie Saunders, King City, 5’6”, sr.

Coach of the Year — Jackie Ziesel, St. Joseph: Bishop LeBlond


Javan Noyes, Mid-Buchanan, 5’6”, sr.

Caden Bailey, Mid-Buchanan, 6’2”, jr.

Tanner McDaniel, North Andrew, 6’3”, sr.

Owen Graham, North Andrew, 6’8”, jr.

Isaac Bird, Gallatin, 6’4”, soph.

Payton Feiden, Gallatin, 6’1”, soph.

Kaeden Hutchinson, Albany, 6’1”, sr.

Holden Farmer, Rock Port, 6’3”, jr.

Isaia Howard, Plattsburg, 6’2”, fr.

Doran Saunders, Osborn/Stewartsville, 6’, jr.

Chris Guldan, St. Joseph: Bishop LeBlond, 6’1”, jr.

Jake Korell, St. Joseph: Bishop LeBlond, 5’10”, soph.

Joe Clark, Mid-Buchanan, 6’4”, soph.

Zeb Schwartzkopf, Princeton, 6’2”, sr.

COY – Wade Bryson, North Andrew

              CLASS 3


Lilly Schilling, East Buchanan, 5’10”, sr.

Laken Manns, Lawson, 5’9”, sr.

Sadie Hendrickson, Lawson, 5’6”, sr.

Maycee Nichols, Lathrop, 5’7”, sr.

Maya Watkins, East Buchanan, 5’9”, soph.

Brighton Swindler, Hamilton: Penney, 5’7”, sr.

Hannah Carter, South Harrison, 6’, fr.

Madi Moore, Trenton, 5’8”, fr.

Coach of the Year — Lisa Glenn, Lawson


Jackson Gentzell, Lathrop, 6’2”, jr.

Brayden Sunderman, South Harrison, 6’2”, sr.

Andrew Rich, Hamilton: Penney, 6’2”, jr.

Ryan Pattison, West Platte, 6’3”, jr.

Max Trout, Lawson, 6’2”, jr.

Drew Thompson, East Buchanan, 5’11”, sr.

Luke Karns, South Harrison, 6’7”, sr.

Tanner Rowe, West Platte, jr.

Coach of the Year — Ryan Nichols, West Platte

           CLASSES 4-5


Serena Sundell, Maryville, 6’1”, sr.

Jaida Cox, St. Joseph: Benton, 5’7”, jr.

Laini Joseph, Cameron, 5’9”, sr.

Kianna Herrera, St. Joseph: Benton, 5’11”, jr.

Anastyn Pettlon, Maryville, 5’3”, soph.

Ella Moody, St. Joseph: Central, 5’11”, jr.

Lauren Eiman, St. Joseph: Central, 6’1”, sr.

Jessica Reeter, Chillicothe, 5’5”, soph.

Rylee Benight, Savannah, 5’6”, sr.

Rylee Vierthaler, Maryville, 5’10”, soph.

Co-Coach of the Year — Quentin Albrecht, Maryville, and Chris Michaels, St. Joseph: Benton


Camden Bennett, St. Joseph: Lafayette, 6’2”, soph.

Caden Stoecklein, Maryville, 6’, soph.

Kason Mauzey, St.Joseph: Benton, 6’6”, jr.

Griff Bonderer,  Chillicothe, 6’2”, soph.

Wes Darnell,  Savannah, 6’2”, sr.

Ty'Shon Page, St. Joseph: Lafayette, 6’4”, sr.

TJ Best, Cameron, 6’2”, soph.

Will Small, St. Joseph: Central, 5’10”, sr.

Lavar Felder, Jr., St. Joseph: Central, 6’3”, sr.

Marc Gustafson, Maryville, 6’9”, sr.

Coach of the Year — – Kevin Bristol, St. Joseph: Lafayette