Nominees sought for Chillicothe Hall of Fame

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Chillicothe News

The Livingston County Preservation Society is seeking nominees for a 2020inductee into the Chillicothe Hall of Fame.

According to a press release, “The Chillicothe Hall of Fame is administered by the Livingston County Preservation Society whereby outstanding individuals from our past are recognized for their significant contributions in the cultural and historical development of Chillicothe, Missouri.” One new member will be inducted into the Hall of Fame annually.

Past honorees include, include Marion Franklin “Frank” Bench, Charles Francis Adams, Olive Rambo Cook and Police Chief Maurice Dorney.

The Livingston County Preservation Society has developed a mobile exhibit to honor these individuals.

The Preservation Society is also asking members of the community for nominations for a 2020 inductee. The name and two-page biography detailing the nominee’s accomplishments may be

submitted by Aug. 31 to: Livingston County Preservation Society at 107 Locust Street, Chillicothe, MO 64601, or as a Word or pdf document attached to an email to . Please include your contact information.

While some candidates may be “colorful” with flamboyant personalities, the individual nominee’s personal and professional contributions and accomplishments should favorably represent the people of Chillicothe.

Criteria for nominees are as follows: must not have been convicted of any crime; must have been deceased for at least 35 years prior to the year submitted; must have resided in Chillicothe for not less than 5 years; and accomplishments must have contributed highly to Chillicothe’s culture and values.

A committee consisting of qualified members from non-governmental organizations in Chillicothe will review all submissions, fact-check biographies as needed, and make the final selection.

For further information, please call 760-546-8595 or