Cheer Mom's form group, fundraise

Angie Talken
Chillicothe Cheerleaders pose with the new run-through sign, purchased for home games.  Area residents, families, and organizations raised the $1400 needed for the sign. The sign was one item Coach Jessica Saucedo wanted for use at home games.

The Chillicothe Cheerleaders have a new run-through sign that famous have seen at home football games this season. The purchase was made possible by a fundraising effort, which lead to the creation of a Chillicothe Cheer Moms group, meant to allow for more support for the moms and daughters, to complete fundraising goals and increase general communication and combine efforts.

Several years ago when she first became the cheerleading coach, Jessica Saucedo listed several items she wanted the team to have, to help improve their routines and visibility at events throughout the sports seasons and in the community.

Margaret Sullivan, founder of the Cheer Moms group, and a long-time fundraiser said Saucedo then said she wanted the team to get “vinyl signs, megaphones, a mascot, all kinds of bells and whistles for the team,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan spearheaded a fundraiser to earn money for the sign. The fundraiser included donations from families, Avery McCauslin, Ladies Auxiliary at the Elks Club and the Litton Foundation.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, McCauslin and Sullivan made ore than 1,000 masks each and donated many of them to area groups and individuals. As part of the fundraising efforts, maks were offered for a free-will donation, it was donations given to the ladies when making the masks that helped to fundraise for the sign. Sullivan said funds given to her as donations after making masks, also went to creat the newly-formed Cheer Moms group.

“When I started it my goal was to help the girls and the coach and the moms help each other - it takes a village to raise a family and when you have a group of 15 girls it is the same way,” Sullivan said. “if you do not have a strong group behind them you don’t always get what you need and want. This groups plans to be that moral support to help the moms and girls”

The first meeting was the perfect example, Sullivan said. While most of the cheerleaders had sold their fundraising coupon cards, a few had not, and through the group effort nealry all of the remaining cards were sold at that meeting.

“The girls and mom all are doing the best to pitch in and help each - before we didn’t have a formal way to communicate way to help each other out across the board,” Sullivan said.

Between the teas four suds there are 30 cheerleaders.

The group has also developed a board, Sullivan serves as president, Erica Newman, vice president, Jennifer Mecer, secretary, Tiffany Eckert, fundraising chairperson and Saucdeo also sits on the board.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the team should contact Saucedo, those wishing to make a donation to the Cheer Moms group should contact a board member.