Mask a Vet Campaign brings 3,000 masks, local veterans distribute

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Chillicothe News

On Wednesday afternoon George Laprade, Commander of the VFW Roy l. Burchett Post 858, American Legion member Larry Warren and Sue Warren, American Legion Auxiliary President and VFW Auxiliary Secretary met a small plane at the Chillicothe Airport on the Bill West Runway to accept the donation of 3,000 masks, from Eteve Wendling, a pilot with the Kingdom Pilots association out of Fulton and Exercise Tiger.

Wendling and others have distributed some of the 150,000 masks across the state.

Laprade and Warren said they are taking the masks to their regional meetings, across northern Missouri and will distribute them at the meeting for anyone there who has a need.

Any veteran who needs masks, or has other questions about veterans services and programs should contact Laprade at 660-247-5348; Warren at 314-397-4508 or American Legion Commander Joe Carter at 660-247-0936.

The project also carries the words “Task Force Tiger” on the boxes as an honor to the 206 Missouri soldiers killed on April 28, 1944 in Exercise Tiger, a pre D-Day training mission that was attacked by German Navy warships. Three LST’s of US Navy Task Force T4, radio call sign Taffy 4, were sunk or crippled and over 749 sailors and soldiers were killed.

“We are named for the forgotten battle before D-Day. The USTF is known for being a Veterans & Military Honors Foundation, now we are a lifesaving foundation as well.” said Susan Haines, the USTF’s National Executive Director. (ANGIE TALKEN/C-T PHOTOS)