Saint Philip’s Episcopal Church to broadcast prayer service

Staff Writer
Chillicothe News

A grant is allowing Saint Philip’s Episcopal Church in Trenton to provide more outreach to the community in the form of a prayer service.

The grant is from the Central Deanery for outreach to the community. “

We really are so happy to receive these funds”, said Terry Cobb, secretary of St. Philip’s. “We have been unable to meet physically since March 15 due to the pandemic and really feel a need to reach out to our community.”

The grant monies will be used to broadcast a radio Compline Service on Sunday evenings.

“A Compline Service is a short worship service from the Episcopal Church that is focused on prayer and quiet reflection at the end of the day”, said Linda Campbell, treasurer. “Terry and Peter will be reading the service on air and we hope it will bring a real sense of peace and to our area in these uncertain times. A soothing respite from the noise and chaos of the world.”

Peter Allen, warden, added, “ We really hope that this brief service will renew and sustain everyone’s relationship with God, through prayer and Scripture”.

Copies of the service can be obtained by sending a request to St. Philip’s Church, P.O.Box 46, Trenton, MO. 64683. The service begins airing Sunday, Sept. 20, at 9:03 p.m, following the evening news, on KTTN 92.3 FM.