If you're headed to a football game this season, you might find yourself drinking beer outside and wishing you had a snack.

And let’s be honest, no one will judge if you make a snack necklace for watching Netflix on the couch.

What’s a snack necklace? The Austin-based blogger behind Big World, Small Girl posted a photo of a pretzel- and snack mix-lined ribbon that served as an easy way to snack while drinking beer at the Great American Beer Festival. Like the candy necklaces of our youth, this salty snack necklace provides easy access to a quick nibble on Gardetto’s, pork rinds or even chips whenever you feel like it.

Some things to keep in mind: Thin, oily chips aren’t a good idea for this, but pretzels and the hardier snacks in the snack aisle are. If you’re worried about your shirt getting greasy, don’t use pork rinds. If you don’t care, you’ll be the most popular person at the party. Popcorn isn’t a bad idea, but you might feel like a Christmas tree if you only use popcorn. Cheez-Its will play a prominent role in any snack necklace I make for my future beer festival-going self, but I’d also be tempted to put some beef jerky on there, too.

Caitlin tied Twix bars to her necklace because she wanted something sweet with the savory, but she said she might reconsider it this year because the chocolate melted.

You could use string, thread or ribbon for this, depending on what you’re trying to string together. I use a needle and thread to make popcorn necklaces at Christmastime, but one commenter on Caitlin’s post said they use bamboo skewers to poke holes in artisan bread so they can thread it on butcher’s twine.